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Richard "Stoveman" Slonin, expert mason and owner of The Stoveman, Inc. has over 35 years’ experience in the masonry business. In 1980, he moved from Long Island, New York to Delray Beach (Palm Beach County), Florida, bringing his masonry experience and training to do fine quality stone installations. He started his business, Stoneman, Inc. When the trend moved from natural coral stone to cast coral stone, he decided to manufacture his own cast coral stone, using natural coral keystone impressions. The result was a material that looks exactly like REAL coral keystone and his product became very popular.

He learned from his Florida customers that their summer homes in the Blue Ridge Mountains were in need of a good fireplace and chimney mason. In addition, he found that many of his customers wanted to convert their existing prefab or masonry fireplaces, which were inefficient and polluting, into effective heating systems. He followed them to Lake Glenville (Jackson County) North Carolina and has become a dealer for some of the top leading names in the fireplace industry. He is now doing many fireplace conversions - installing stoves, inserts and other heating solutions - thus making fireplaces more cost efficient. He also does renovations, repairs, and provides chimney services to the surrounding areas. He continues his masonry installations, as well.


 Proudly serving our customers for over 35 years, The Stoveman, Inc. is dedicated to providing high quality products and services to our customers. Bringing pride, skill, and experience into everything we design, build, and install, we guarantee the absolute best in unique material and artisanship.

The Stoveman, Inc. would like to thank our clients for their continued business and many referrals. Please visit the web pages to see our specialties. Then call us to see what the Stoveman, Inc. can do for you!


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